Korean Sauna Eggs – Super Easy Morning Snack

Korean Sauna Eggs

Korean Sauna Eggs

My first food blog finally. I’ve been putting it off trying to squeeze in all of these articles on AI and Product Management, but no more! I decided to write about something quick and easy, just like the recipe, for Korean Sauna Eggs. Instead of doing the standard boil for x minutes depending on your preference of egg done-ness, it’s a slow cook for hours. Recipes online call for 2 hrs in either a slow cooker or rice cooker with a couple pinches of salt. I used an Instant Pot on the Slow Cook option and did mine up to 20hrs! My Korean friend’s mom does 8-9 hrs on the stovetop, the traditional way. So the tl;dr is cook them for at least 2 hrs but if you’re doing it overnight for the next morning, the extra time doesn’t hurt it. So how does it look and taste? The egg white takes on a brown hue with a jelly-like consistency and the yolk turns to an extra creamy texture. The taste is very nutty, so it doesn’t even need salt and pepper like normal boiled eggs. All in all, it’s a great snack in the morning if you’re in a hurry.

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