Boosted Boards Competitive Analysis (Part 5 of 5)

Boosted Boards

Boosted Boards

Conclusion and Summary Thoughts

Overall, I’m impressed with Boosted Boards. They hold a very good position in the “electric skateboard” industry. They had some growing pains with their initial designs in the form of smoking batteries, but they were able to address them in a graceful way. If there was any backlash still, it wasn’t visible during my research. There’s an active and healthy community in Reddit which is a great sign. The various comments I saw about their support were also good. They do feel like a premium brand with the best overall experience in performance and support. I initially had some fears about Onewheel. While the design is more novel, the performance is not as good as other electric skateboards in this price range. As one reviewer wrote, you pay more for the fun factor.

Where to go to grow?

If Boosted Boards is looking to expand their revenue/offerings, the safest route would be an e-scooter or an e-bike with a 30-40+ mile range. In our keyword research, we found “electric skateboards” had 51K impressions while “electric scooters” had 410K and “electric bikes” and “e-bikes” had a combined 586K. These new products would complement and not overlap with their existing market that addresses up to 20 miles of range. If volume is the focus and not margin, lower price point hover boards could also be an option. The competition is quite stiff there so I probably wouldn’t go there unless it was easy low hanging fruit from a resource and design point of view.

And the verdict is…

If I was in the market for working at an electric skateboard maker, Boosted Boards would be on the top of my list. Evolve would probably 2nd as their GT Bamboo Street board performed very closely to the Boosted Plus. I would definitely keep an eye on them.


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