Boosted Boards Competitive Analysis (Part 4 of 5)

Product Features

Product Feature Comparison Matrix

Now it’s time to get deep on a specific model and see what the competition looks like. I was able to find a decent electric skateboard comparison database to start with and added items from there (Source:

Product Comparison Matrix
Product Comparison Matrix

I think Boosted Boards is in a good place with their Boosted Plus board in the $1400-1500 range. The feature set is the most complete in terms of performance and range. Here is a good article that does a shootout between many boards, where the Boosted Board gets good marks all around (Source: I do have some ideas for improvement though.

Increase warranty from 6 to 12 months

Being a leading brand, I wonder why not go with a 12 month warranty instead of 6? There’s more liability and opex involved with longer warranty times, it’s not a free cost. But the Boosted Brand should be promoting a premium experience. Onewheel and Inboard both have 12 month warranties already.

Add LED lights as standard

Integrated LED lighting seems trivial given there is a power source available that is already powering the motor. At the very least, I would include rear safety LED lights and/or bundle with a third party like Shredlights.

Easily swappable batteries

I don’t understand why companies almost never come out with this feature from the start. It is a missed opportunity to sell more batteries and chargers. Someone with a longer commute can keep an extra battery and charger at the office. This will allow them to swap out batteries for the second half of the commute back home.

Foldable design

For extreme portability, I would love to see a foldable design. A foldable design over a breakable/snap design is preferable. The engineers will know which design is more reliable. This also falls into the same category as weight, so close relationships with the battery, motor and materials vendors would also be key. Reducing weight while increasing or maintaining performance capacity is the goal.

Safety Bungee

Would it make sense to have a safety bungee or cord attached to your leg in case your board gets away from you?  I’ve seen some stories of boards in general that didn’t brake, sometimes due to the nature of regenerative breaking and full batteries. Something again for the engineers but watching a $1500 device rolling away from you would definitely be one of my fears in buying an electric skateboard.  Or a safety stop rip cord that shuts off the power when disconnected could be more convenient so it doesn’t yank on your leg and potentially cause harm.

Location Tracking

Since there’s an app and bluetooth connectivity, it would be great to have a Location Tracking feature similar to the Tile Mate. As you grow the community, you can leverage that user base to find missing or lost boards. Or you can partner with Tile and leverage their existing user base as well. I own Tiles and keep one on my keys and one in my car so I can keep an eye on their locations if I ever loose them. They are excellent products.

Part 5 – Conclusion and Summary Thoughts

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