Boosted Boards Competitive Analysis Overview

Boosted Boards

Boosted Boards

For those that are new to Product Management, I thought I would go through a basic competitive analysis to show some of my thought processes while doing research on competitors. I recently applied for a job at Boosted Boards because it sounded really interesting compared to what I’m used to (commuter transportation vs. computer networking). It would be nice to be laser focused on a handful of SKUs compared to my experience of managing 200+ SKUs. Unfortunately the position was filled, but it’s still a good exercise and also proves that the Product Management skillset can be used across many industries. I’m going to break this into multiple blogs since each part can get pretty deep. This way you can skip the parts you already know if needed.

Part 1 – Types of Competitors
Part 2 – Marketing and Ad Spend
Part 3 – Total Addressable Market and Revenue Potential
Part 4 – Product Feature Comparison Matrix
Part 5 – Conclusion and Summary Thoughts

A lot of the intuition in these topics above were learned from my work experience and from this excellent course in Product Management from Udemy, linked below.


Part 1 – Types of Competitors

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